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Feeding the Ducks

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The Explorers and Discovers joined together for a wonderful morning, feeding the ducks. They were all very excited when they returned to nursery and couldn’t stop talking about their trip and how much fun they had.

112_0424 112_0420



Excitedly Preparing For Mothers Day

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The children at Little Einsteins Arbroath nursery were absolutely excited by creating their presents to their mums so they developed their creativity while they enjoyed every single minute of preparing their surprise gifts. The Explorers designed flower pots, the Discovers created flower pots and a lovely portrait and the Inventors made a heart shaped card.

We hope you liked it mums!!

IMG_4131       IMG_4129



Arbroath Celebrates Book Day

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One of our aims is to promote the childrens’ learning by creating stimulating activities. With this aim we have developed a range of activities which are designed to promote interest and curiosity in reading. The activities were tailored for each classroom to provide significant learning for each child.

The Preschool classroom went for a nature walk following the story “We’re going on a bear hunt”. Enjoy the photos as we enjoyed the book day!!!

IMG_4088 IMG_4090

Time for a little play



Trip To Carnoustie for the Explorers

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We decided to provide a new experience to our babies by going to a new place in which they can develop their curiosity and get a better understanding of the environment around them by travelling by bus and playing in a new place. They had lots of fun as you can see on their photos. They were so excited that all of them fell asleep on their return!

What will be their next adventure?? We’ll see, we’ll see…

111_0969 On the bus

112_0002  112_0014  111_0996

112_0036 Fast asleep!


A Visit to the Fire Station in Arbroath

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The children from Little Einsteins Nursery in Arbroath visited the local fire station recently.

The children have been showing a huge interest in different professions so our pre-school team decided to include various professions in their projects. They were so excited…some of them said they couldn’t sleep the night before our visit! They were able to speak to the firemen, they were shown the fire truck and they could sit in it to find out how a fireman works when they have to help people. They put on helmets and even learned how to use the fire hose (of course all of them wanted to repeat this activity).

IMG_3999 IMG_4005

Sara Gaton, Manager of Little Einsteins Arbroath said “If the children’s opinions are not counted, their learning doesn’t make sense so they will lose interest. If we listen to them, they will always want to learn because their curiosity, the engine of their development, will be supported”.

We are very glad to say that our children were delighted with this experience so we are already thinking what our next adventure is going to be!

IMG_4000 IMG_4027





Congratulations Lois

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Lois Waters is Little Einsteins Arbroath Nursery star of the team. Lois was nominated by parents and staff who made very positive comments about her attitude towards children and parents and her willingness to help. For these reasons Lois deserves to get this award and she will get an extra week’s annual leave during 2016.

Well Done Lois!!


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