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Recruitment Pending

Nursery Manager

Little Einsteins Perth Nursery is a purpose built setting that caters for children aged 0-14 years. We can cater for 180 children at any one time.
We provide a fun and stimulating environment, which is safe and secure.

We believe that care and education are inseparable and a loving atmosphere fostered by good relationships between home and nursery helps a child feel happy, settled and secure in their life.

Every family is treated as individuals and the needs of each individual child will be catered for. We aim to build strong and effective relationships with families to ensure that all parents/carers are confident that their child is happy, safe, well cared for and stimulated at all times. The care and welfare of the child is of utmost importance during their time at our nursery.

Our main aim is that all children develop as individuals and we make appropriate provision within the curriculum to ensure each child receives the widest possible opportunity to develop their skills and abilities. We look to encourage all aspects of development, supporting and guiding children emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. We also hope to encourage confidence and independence to help children cope in life and in preparation for the school environment.

The nursery is operated by our senior manager and our team of department managers who ensure the smooth running of the setting at all times. Our Staff are fully qualified Early Years Practitioners who have a vast experience in childcare. They help to make our Nursery a warm, safe and welcoming place for your child.

You can view the latest Care Inspectorate Report here.

Nursery Hours

7.00am – 6.00pm (Monday to Friday)
We are open 52 weeks of the year and are closed only on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 1st and 2nd January should these days fall on a week day.
The nursery closes at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, should these fall on a week day.
Please do not bring Children to nursery before the start of session or pick them up late.

Meals and Snacks

Snacks and meals are included in the fees. Our qualified cook provides nutritious, healthy meals freshly made each day.

Our menus are on a 4-week seasonal rota and are displayed on our parent’s notice board in the nursery and can also be viewed on the Enrolment page of the website along with our Food Nutrition Policy. Breakfast is on offer until 9.15am and a two course lunch is provided between 12 and 1pm. Snacks are provided at 10.30am and again at 3.00pm. Milk and water are provided at snack and mealtimes with water and fresh fruit on offer throughout the day.

Vegetarian options are available and we can accommodate children with special dietary requirements.


 WEF 1/4/2015 0-3’s 3-5’s
Mini Day (9am-4pm) £43.00 daily £40.00 daily
Full Day £43.00 daily £40.00 daily
Half Day £25 am/£20 pm £25 am/£20 pm
Full Time (Mon-Fri)  £188.00 £173.00
Breakfast Club £13 daily or £52 weekly (Mon-Fri) £13 daily or £52 weekly (Mon-Fri)
After School Club £16 daily or £64 weekly (Mon-Fri) £16 daily or £64 weekly (Mon-Fri)
Extra Hour £10.00  £10.00
Holiday Cover £22 1/2 day, £34 full day, £136 week £22 1/2 day, £34 full day, £136 week


This room can accommodate 22 children. The room offers brilliant opportunities for physical activity. Each age group has an opportunity to use this area each day. We have a large range of gym equipment, including climbing walls. We also use our gym hall as a lunch hall for our 3-5 age group, allowing children to develop skills needed for school.

The child to staff ratio in this room is 3:1.

This room accommodates our “Littlest Einsteins”. It is bright, cosy and homely, providing a relaxed and loving atmosphere for babies to develop and learn to their full potential. Activities are on offer for the children, taking into account each child’s age and stage of development. A daily diary is completed for parents/guardians, giving information about their child’s day.

A separate sleep room is available to provide children with a quiet, comfortable area to rest. We also use this area to provide quiet and relaxed activities.

The child to staff ratio in this room is 3:1.

It is a bright room and allows children plenty of space for free play and planned activities, which will help develop the child’s natural curiosity and acquire new skills. Daily diaries are completed to give parents/guardians information on their child’s day. Suitably sized tables and chairs are provided to allow the children to sit comfortably during mealtimes and certain activities.

The child to staff ratio in this room is 5:1.

This room is bright and spacious, providing children with the opportunity for free play and adult led activities. The room has a bathroom with child sized toilets and sinks. Daily diaries are completed in each of the rooms to allow parents/guardians information on their child’s day.

The child to staff ratio in this room is 8:1.

The 3 – 5 year olds room is a spacious, bright room which offers children opportunities to learn and develop through free play and planned activities.  Children are provided with planned group times, in which staff plan activities to meet the stages of each child’s development and further their learning. Children have the opportunity to learn and develop the skills required before going to school, allowing them to become independent and competent learners. The room has a bathroom with child sized toilets and sinks.   

Just when they thought it was all over!

Our After School Club (ASC) can hold 22 children and takes place within our gym hall. We offer fun activities for children with opportunities to further their learning and development. Staff are available to offer assistance with children’s homework should they require it. We also offer pick-ups and drop-offs from schools within Perth.